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ADS publication list

Groenewegen, Martin A. T. & Jurkovic, Monika 2017, ArXiv e-prints The period-luminosity and period-radius relations of Type II Cepheids and anomalous Cepheids

Groenewegen, Martin & Jurkovic, Monika 2017, ArXiv e-prints Luminosities ans infrared excess in Type II ans anomalous Cepheids in the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds

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Jurkovic, Monika I. 2015, European Physical Journal Web of Conferences On the of classification of BL Her subtype of the Type II Cepheids

Essam, A., Djurašević, G., Ahmed, N. M., & Jurković, M. 2014, New Astronomy A photometric study of the W UMa-type eclipsing binary system 1SWASP J160156.04 + 202821.6

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Jurkovic, M., Szabados, L., Vinkó, J., & Csák, B. 2007, Astronomische Nachrichten Pulsation and orbit of AU Pegasi

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