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My main research topic are Type II Cepheids. They are pulsating stars with periods of around 1 to 150 days devided into 3 subgroups: BL Her, W Vir and RV Tau. In the evolutionary sence these three subgroups also represent the different stages of crossing the instability strip for these low mass stars.

Type II Cepheids will become more and more interesting with the development of observational techniques. We can already see the improvement in the understanding the nature of their pulsation from the data provided by the K2 mission. GAIA is going to provide us with the data necessary to determine the distance of the nearby Type II Cepheids.

Since they are similar to the anomalous and classical Cepheids, only with smaller luminosities due to their age and mass, they are good candidates for tracing the formation history of the Milky Way's inner regions and the halo.

The H_alpha line of BL Her taken at the 1.8 m telescope at DDO, Canada.

"To infinity... and beyond."

Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), Toy Story (1995)

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